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At Torbett Financial Strategies, we understand that submitting information about yourself or business is serious. Out of respect for our customer’s privacy, Torbett Financial Strategies has developed the following privacy statement that discloses our information gathering practices.

This policy may be updated at any time without notice. This policy applies only to the information collected by Torbett Financial Strategies on our own web site.

Information Collection and Use

Torbett Financial Strategies is the sole owner of all information collected on this site. We do not sell, share, or rent this information. Collected contacts and information is only utilized by Torbett Financial Strategies.

1. Information Request Form. The purpose of this form is to provide a means to communicate with our users who wish to gain more information about our products and services. This form includes a number of required fields, which are essential for us to communicate with you the customer. The form also contains a number of optional fields, which aid our sales staff in providing you a more personalized service and to help you in your search for specific information.

2. E-mail. Communication via email is a standard practice, and as such we keep records of our communications and email addresses. These are kept confidential and are not sold or rented.

3. Partner Services. We may list links or resources to our Partners. Once you’re in contact with one of our Partners, you abide by their respective Privacy Statements. Torbett Financial Strategies is committed to utilizing Partners that display honesty and integrity in their business practices. Although we are not responsible for their actions, we would still like to know of your issues and concerns if any arise.


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