Financial Assessment

What you need to know about my unique process:

These three sessions are all about your personal success and what you need to do to build a financially fulfilled life. No matter your age, what stage you are in life, or where you are going, it is never too early or late to plan ahead for what comes next. The best is yet to come! Are you ready to stop worrying about what you can’t achieve and start living the financially fulfilled life you always wanted? Now you can, with a specifically designed plan to get you to your goals.

Meeting 1: Financial Diagnostics- How are you doing?

The first step is discovering your financial awareness. What is your financial situation? You have to really get to know where you are before you can move ahead.
1. Discuss goals, dangers, opportunities, and strengths
2. Expected net worth computation
3. Personal financial fitness checkup
4. Define your financial gaps, issues, ect.

Meeting 2: Financial Analysis and Report
Taking the next step and using the tools available to make definite progress
1. Financial reports-Can you afford your goals? How do I pay for retirement?
2. Analyze your assets/debts and financial situation
3. Analyze tax returns and compute your “Tax Efficiency Index”
4. Prioritize your financial issues, craft action plan for top issue

Meeting 3: Develop a workable Financial Plan
1. Review your progress on your top issue
2. Provide a 2nd (unbiased) opinion on your investments and 401K/pension plan
3. Address your remaining financial issues and develop an action plan
4. Answer your financial questions


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