Final “Gift”

I suggest that you begin the preparation of a “Final Gift”.

The thought of making or receiving a “Final gift” is not pleasant, but it really is important and meaningful. Each of us need to get our affairs in order, help our loved ones as best we can, and try to leave as much of a legacy as possible. The “Final Gift” concept can accomplish all of that.

The gift should include the following:

Instruction letter-
What to do, who you want to do, who don’t you trust
Important contact info
Who is your attorney, CPA, broker, insurance agent, your website login info
Final letters for each loved one, at least for your spouse and each child
This is your last chance to impart some wisdom to them

While you are working on your estate you should also:
Read your will- does it still do what you want?
Beneficiary designations- is the money going where you want it to?
Do you have a valid power of attorney?
Do you have a living will?

I am the process of working on my “Final Gift”, I suggest that you do the same.

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