5 Secrets to Keeping More of the Money Your Business Makes

So many people and companies made lots of money, but don’t know where it went, and then had to start over or worse.

Don’t let that happen to you. Learn and implement these longstanding financial truths that are secrets to so many.

1. Make sure your business enhances your life

 2. Make sure your business model makes financial sense

3. Know where your Business is Going

4. Use the numbers to help run your business

5. Be Financially efficient with your business and your life

I challenge you to learn and implement these ideas. Avoid the mistakes that my clients and I have made.

Whether you are just starting your business, or adding to an existing one, you can keep more of what you make and build a business that improves your life, builds your financial freedom, and leaves a legacy.

But you must become financially literate, and implement these ideas.

Good Luck, I hope that this will improve you as an entrepreneur, as well as your life and the lives of those that work/depend on you.

  Lindsey Torbett


With more than 30 years’ experience in accounting, tax planning, financial and business consulting, Lindsey Torbett has developed a unique set of financial and entrepreneurial skills. He has helped launch more than 20 companies, including a community bank with more than $1.4 billion in assets, and is an active real estate, venture capital and common stock investor. Torbett has been involved as a coach or adviser in business deals and investments totaling more than $500 million. A CPA and Certified Financial Planner, Torbett has 15 years’ experience as a bank board director and audit committee chair. In the last few years, he has focused on assisting clients build and maintain financial independence, and has guided many entrepreneurs to successful business ownership and management. He recently authored the book, “Five Steps to Financial Freedom — A Guide to Leading a Financially-Fulfilled Life “, available at



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